Upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 Projects.

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Outdoor Bath Shoot

Prepare to be enchanted as The Genie Magic comes to life amidst the lush fields of Florida in an ethereal outdoor photoshoot. Set against the backdrop of nature's vibrant canvas, this captivating event promises to be a visual feast for the senses, blending the mystical allure of genies with the raw beauty of the outdoors.

Hosted in a secluded corner of Florida's scenic countryside, the upcoming photoshoot will feature models adorned in exquisite attire, evoking the essence of ancient mysticism and otherworldly charm. Against the sprawling expanse of greenery, a luxurious bathtub will take center stage, transforming into a magical vessel where dreams are realized and wishes come true.

Outdoor Bed Photoshoot in Florida Fields

Get ready to be whisked away on a mystical journey as The Genie Magic comes to life amidst the enchanting landscapes of Florida's verdant fields. In an outdoor photoshoot like no other, models will recline upon a luxurious bed, surrounded by the splendor of nature, invoking the allure of ancient mysticism and timeless charm.

River Photoshoot in Florida

Embark on a journey of enchantment as The Genie Magic unfolds amidst the serene beauty of Florida's riverside in an upcoming outdoor photoshoot. Set against the tranquil backdrop of flowing waters and verdant foliage, this captivating event promises to immerse participants in a world where fantasy meets reality.